Visit Sagunto. Travel to the Middle Age

Sagunto is a town located about 16 kilomtres from Xilxes and it has been an important centre in the history of Valencian region. It has two main centres: the old town or Sagunto-City, located at the bottom of the castle and the Roman theatre, and Puerto de Sagunto, 5 km from the historic centre. The town is a travel through the history and it has an important archaeological heritage.


The castle of Sagunto offers the possibility to see different historical times in Spain: It still contains remains of the buildings left by Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians. The Castle of Sagunt is placed on a hill. It occupies an area of about 1 kilometre. Its location allowed int he past to control a large amount of territory, making Sagunto aa strategic place for the defense.

It is surrounded by walls from different periods and styles, with Iberian, Roman, medieval and modern remains inside.  It is divided into 7 interconnected squares or walled spaces. The Plaza de Armas is the most important square in the castle, which is in the Roman Forum, as well as Plaza de San Fernando that includes an “epigraphic Antiquarium” and an exhibition of Latin, Iberian and Hebrew epigraphy.

Roman Theatre

It was built in the middle of the first century, using the slope of the mountain. It consists of two distinct parts: the cavea or grandstands, semicircular and composed by three orders of stands and the scene, which rises to the height of the top of the grandstands porch. Its present appearance is conditioned by the restorations and rehabilitations done since the mid twentieth century.

Sagunto Castle Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm
Sunday and Public Holidays  from 10am to 2pmWinter:
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm
Sunday and Public Holidays  from 10am to 2pm

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