New Services at the Picnic Area of Xilxes

The Council of Xilxes worked on the incorporation of new services in the surroundings of the recreational area outside the village, the so-called ​​ Paelleros. The aim is to improve this public space which attracts numerous users, especially during the Easter holidays and Summer months.

The Department of Municipal Services has developed a set of actions which consist of the creation of a bounded children’s area with various games that has already been installed.

Picnic Area in Xilxes

In addition, 2 kitchen counters will also be installed next to the paelleros, the cooking spaces, to facilitate the preparation of meals. The toilets will be replaced by accessible toilets.

Cleaning worsk have been carried out in this area to enhance the use of this space. Moreover, different tree planting activities have been developed, both by the students of the Municipal Nursery School and in the celebration of the Tree Day.

Do you want to make a genuine Paella Valenciana? Then this picnic area of Xilxes is the right place to do it!


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