Xilxes offers different mediterranean landscapes and hiking trails for all the family as well as walking routes for people with reduced mobility. Inclusive and accessible tourism developed for all. At the same time, Xilxes is very close to the entrance of Sierra Espadán, one of the most important natural parks in Castellón which is perfect for those looking for adventures in the mountain. 


The natural richness that surrounds Xilxes is due to the great variety of ecosystems. The Marsh is a protected wetland and it has a high ecologic value because of the fauna and flora that lives in. This area is very special when migratory birds pass by the Marshlands.

During autumn and winter, the Marsh allows to cultivate rice, one of the most famous products of Xilxes and Valencia. Xilxes surroundings host so many hiking trails between the wetlands and the orange trees.


Adapted beachEl Cerezo beach of Xilxes is known because of its excellent facilities for people with reduced mobility. This beach was one of the best accessible beaches of Spain in 2016. El Cerezo beach is in the European catalogue of inclusive beaches.

Route of the Senses (Ruta de los Sentidos): It is an inclusive tourism project for people with visual impairment or reduced mobility, aiming to offer leisure alternatives and services for those who have any type of diverse capacities.

This inclusive tourism route is 1.8 kilometres and it starts in the parking of Les Cases beach. Continues in the promenade , crossing the urban beaches from north to south. During the walk, visitors can enjoy the sea odors mixed with the aromatic plants placed in the gardens of the promenade. After 500 metres, there is a stop to access the walkway, which is a magnificient view point to take photos of the coast of Xilxes. It is fully accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Following the promenade the visitor pass by the beach library and arrives to El Cerezo beach, one of the most adapted beaches in Spain. The facilities are adapted to people with diverse capacities. There are special wheelchairs to get into the sea and take a refreshing bath in the Mediterranean sea. The adapted beach counts on specialised staff which helps people to enjoy the beach. To finish this inclusive route, at the end of the promenade there is a microreserve of flora and dunes and a second viewpoint where you can see the Gulf of Valencia.



If you are interested in hiking high mountains, you can also drive to the Sierra Espadán: The entrance to this 31.000ha natural park is just about 8 km away, following the direction to La Vall d’Uixo. You can do walking trails, have a bath in natural pools, see rivers and so many activities for those looking for adventures.

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