The most typical food of Xilxes mixes fresh products cultivated in the lands. Spanish and Mediterranean gastronomy is present in every dish you can find in bars and restaurants of Xilxes.


Xilxes offers some of the best meals of the Valencian Community, in which the rice is the master ingredient. Taste a traditional Valencian Paella cooked with chicken and rabbit meat and special beans from the land, made on wood. You can also enjoy different dishes made with rice as Arròs a banda or Arròs Negre (both with sea food), Arròs al forn (rice made in the oven) or another typical dish from Xilxes, Arròs amb fesols i naps (rice with beans and turnips). The Fideuà is also a good taste of the food culture of the region (little noodles with sea food).

A must stop during your visit to Xilxes is the traditional bakeries to find out delicious pastries and sweets: Coca de tomata (tomato’s pastry), barret de verdura (vegetables pastry), rosquilletes (little bread sticks), rotllets d’anis (anise rolls), coca malfeta (biscuit) and pilotes de frare  (sweet biscuit filled by cream) among other products. Of course you must taste the typical mones de pasqua made specially for Easter Holidays.

Xilxes is also known by the excellent oranges and its variations, as wells as its melonswatermelons and tomatoes cultivated in the lands of surrounding the village.

If you want to enjoy the traditional Valencian brunch, read our post. It is the Valencian BBC, a lifestyle!


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