Xilxes is a familiar and accessible tourism location in Castellón (Spain).

The village of Xilxes and its Mediterranean beaches are located just 45 km from Valencia city and 30 km from Castellón de La Plana. A nice and quiet coast destination, near towns and big cities. The perfect holidays in Castellón for families or people looking for a relaxed and traditional beach location in Spain.

Take a while to enjoy the village of Xilxes by walking through the streets, squares and parks. Contemplate the monuments and the traditional houses. Relax in the parks, in the natural surroundings or in the beaches. Discover the local gastronomy, typical from Valencia, typical Spanish food. Participate in our traditions: cultural venues, popular parties, historical events…

Click on the images below and start discovering Xilxes. A Mediterranean spot between the sea and the mountains…

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